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Terms & Conditions

General Information

RD India Tours Pvt.Ltd. acknowledges bookings subject to the company conditions. The agreement is between the Company and the customer (“Royal Discover India Tours” and “you” in these conditions), being any person travelling or intending to travel on a holiday operated by the Company including any person who is added or substituted after booking.

While it is our prime objective to give you a préciseditinerary, way ahead of time, it must be recalled that these are liable to amendment, for reasons such as climate, Government limitations, flight, train timings or others, which may possibly force us to bring in a sudden change in the schedule beyond our controls. Even courses may be changed ultimately, bringing about modifications to the itinerary. Unexplained changes in the tour, redirections, and poor evaluations of times and separations are conceivable particularly yet not so much, just in remote situations. Additional expenses that may bring about such conditions must be acknowledged and communicated by RD India Tours Pvt.Ltd.. We expect you to have you carrytravel related protection (travel insurance) and medical insurance, yet welook after yourtherapeutic and medicinal assistance wherever required,to ensure your safe repatriation to your home destination.


In specific territories roads may NOT generally be great, and to cover the separations included, hours out and about do have a tendency to end up long. Be that as it may, regular solace stops are given while moving.


Every exertion will be made to keep the outing as a ‘lady benevolent’ trip at all times, while remembering that one may be entering an environment which is conservative old fashioned, or overly patriarchal.


Breakdowns are not unusual, so do carry a good flashlight and night-reading headlamps applicable only to some select adventure tour locations.


Bottled water is accessible in many places even while the issue of arranging for the off plastic waste can be a challenge at times and also it is not appreciated as we are care about environment. For rough terraintrips, it is still suggested that you carry chlorine solutions/tablets to decontaminate your drinking water, or utilization ofavailable water channels, if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. Try not to brush your teeth with faucet water when in remote ranges or houseboats.


Limited medicinal offices are accessible in select spots and this must be properly noted before applying for the trek. You must visit your doctor for discussing preventive measures for some common health issues like intestinal sickness, hepatitis or other tropical exposures and for which the safety measures are ought to be planned. If it’s not too much trouble one can keep arrangements of some creepy crawly anti-agents (not relevant in the Himalayas). In the event that you have any chronic disease or you are going through some kind of therapeutic process, you must educate us well ahead of time prior to the initiation of your journey.


We keenly observe what is served to our clients and we pay an extra attention to your nourishment, to see that it is hygienically arranged and is matching with the taste buds of our Western customers. Liquor and wines are not accessible in some of the remote territories and you may wish to be prepared with your own stock and also liquor consumption in some states is banned by state government for example Gujarat is a dry state.


Checked Baggage per PAX, as one individual is allowed to carry luggage weighing maximum up to 44 pounds as per the guidelines followed by most of the International Airlines.Furthermore, the domestic flying may not allow a person to carry a luggage weighing more than 15 Kg’s thus you may need to pay for additional stuff which you carry during your journey. Also it is advisable that you check your tickets thoroughly before the journey as it is always good be sure about the particulars printed on them.


Photography might not be appreciated or allowed only at select locations or with some people as they might not be open to it. We appreciate you consulting our guides prior to any such intentions and in an event that they prompts, NOT to click photos, please acknowledge the same without requesting for clarifications. This may fluctuate on a case-by-case premise; and may be permitted only once approved by local authorities!


All guests to INDIA must get a VISA which must be requested for a general site visit like Delhi, Orissa and other sites. A filtered duplicate of the Passport and Visa is anticipated to be forwarded to us, as soon as the Visa is acquired.


In order tosecure your booking with us, the company anticipates a minimum of 20% (per person) of the total tour cost to be rendered in the account of the company (RD India Tours Pvt. Ltd.).Furthermore, we expect you to pay the rest of the amount before 90 days prior to the tour begins. Some extra charges might be applicable in some situations like urgent flight reservations, expedited request of some services which may not be feasible or available in the requested areas, or a cost which is added/included after we have availed a service from a third party. However, we advise you to kindly render all your expectations to us in advance, to avoid any such situation.


The Company expects the visitors to make the payment in full at least 90 days before the beginning of the tour so that the required arrangements can be done easily and the concerned authorities who may be involved at any point during the tour can be informed in advance. You will be receiving confirmation/acknowledgement via email of the tour bookings once the payments are done along which can be considered as a formal receipt of the payments made in the account on the Company.

On account of incomplete payments of the funds or if they are to be paid date, the Company claims all authority to drop your request and in turn undoing charges may also apply in case of cancellation. You can make the full sum payments through bank wire, credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Processing the payments through credit card will add 5.5% extra charges to the total amount and the payments through bank wire would charge and extra 40 $ per transaction. We reserve the right to increase the above mentioned charges in case the concerned bank or card issuer charges us to increase. We shall inform you if this happens before processing any payments by credit/debit card.


a) After a booking has come into existence any requests to change any aspect of your tour plan must be made in writing. The Company will make every effort to assist you but cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet such requests.

b) An administration fee of $ 50 per booking plus any additional costs or charges incurred by us or incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers will be charged if a confirmed booking is changed, up to balance due date. If we are able to accommodate a request to change to a different tour package or departure date, the price payable will be that applicable to the alternative tour package. Thereafter all changes will be treated as cancellations and subject to the charges below.

c) If a client is unable to travel, in circumstances which the Company considers reasonable, the booking or that client’s place on the booking may be transferred to another suitable person (introduced by you). However the tour arrangements must remain the same as originally booked. If a transfer can be made, an administration charge of $125 per person transferring his/her place if the Company is advised up to your balance due date or $150 per person if advised after your balance due date, together with any costs or charges incurred by us or incurred or imposed by any supplier(s) in making the transfer, must be paid before the transfer can be made. Any overdue balance payment must also be received. For flight inclusive bookings, you must pay the charges levied by the airline concerned. As most airlines do not permit name changes after tickets have been issued for any reason, these charges are likely to be the full cost of the flight / an alternative flight.


In case of cancellation we expect you to advise us in writing so that we can process your cancellation request which will be re-instated later in any condition.

Cancellation charges that will be applied are indicated below, depending on the time when your written request is received and noted by us.

Cancellations received before

Upto 90 days 25% of Tour cost (invoiced amount)
80-70 days 35% of Tour cost (invoiced amount)
69-60 days 50% of Tour cost (invoiced amount)
59 days or less NO refund

REFUNDS FOR UNUSED PORTIONS OF TRIP If a cancellation happens while a tour is in progress NO refund is allowable; NOR can any refund be given for any managements not benefited during the trip.


We encourage all visitors to take an Insurance from a renownedcompany. On the off chances that help is needed from RD India Tours, please get in touch with us.If you have a complaint or should you have anobjection about any of your tours, you must tell both the relevant supplier and the Company’s nearby assistant at the time of issue. It is just the Company and the supplier to think about the solutions for the raised concerns that will be available at the time of the complaints and then they will have a chance to put things right.


Customers are in charge of organizing, and must be in control of, a substantial, adequate identification and any visas and immunization testaments needed for their entire journey. We can’t acknowledge any risk on the off chance that you are denied passage onto any vehicle or into any nation because of disappointment on your part to convey all obliged documentation. On the off chance that inability to have any vital travel or different records results in fines, additional charges or other budgetary punishment being forced on us, you will be in charge of repaying us likewise.

If we Change your holiday

While the Company will do its best to work all holidays as publicized or depicted in the customer agenda, it maintains whatever authority is needed to change and right slips in any of the offices, administrations or schedules portrayed in the customer schedule, the itineraries and/or on our site whenever before or after your vacation is confirmed.


The Company reserves the right to terminate a trip in any circumstances however won’t cancel a trip but 8 weeks before the beginning of the trip apart from cataclysm, or the client’s failure to create all payments (including the ultimate balance and any surcharge) once dueIf we’ve got to cancel, we’ll tell you as before long as attainable. If there’s time to try and do therefore before departure and also the cancellation doesn’t result from your failure to pay, we’ll give you the choice of buying another out there vacation from the Company (paying or receiving a refund in respect of any distinction in price)
Compensation won’t be collectible and no liability beyond offering the above mentioned choices can be accepted wherever we are forced to cancel as a results of uncommon and unpredictable circumstances beyond our control, the implications of that we couldn’t have avoided even with all due care. No compensation are going to be collectible and therefore the on top of choices won’t be out there if we cancel as a results of your failure to go with any demand of those booking conditions entitling us to cancel (such as paying on time).

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We are safely home and that i thanks for making a terrific tour for us. we tend to had a good time and that i especially enjoyed the farm, wherever i used to be able to do plenty of horseback riding and luxuriate in the cool, quiet, solitude of the mountains. We tend to got a taste of the various faces of india and your drivers were very good at obtaining us through India's traffic.   Thanks from Bradget Scott, USA

A major thank you to RD India to taking me for my First visit to the awesome Bhagoria celebrations in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat I have voyaged widely around the world and keep coming back because it is among the most colorful, exuberant and friendly festivals I have experienced anywhere   Thanks from Danielle Evans

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